We begin our process by analyzing the property and formulating a complete research report. This includes collecting all building records, reviewing the local zoning codes and related ordinances, and then providing the client with a report of what can be built on the particular lot.

Planning and Schematic Design

This phase consists of the initial design process. We explore potential design schemes for your project by providing concept sketches and images of previous designs we have completed as precedents. As soon as we gain an understanding of the client’s aesthetics preferences, and budget, we can offer design solutions and begin refining the design.

Construction Documents

We begin this next phase once the design scheme is approved and refined into a final design. This phase includes the process of creating all of the construction documents needed in order to apply for a building permit from the city. The construction documents consist of all consultant information including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing along with all architectural documents; the site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, and all finishes and schedules.

Construction Administration

This last phase is a highly complex process, which is why we offer a well administered construction contract to our clients. In this phase, our services include on-site observations of the construction progress and quality, and communication between owners, builders, and the design team to ensure the completion of our design.